Europa Stands 16 : Europe at a Critical Juncture amid Global Power Competition – May 2023

Broadcasts on: 28 May 9:00 PM

With global affairs increasingly framed by the American-Russian-Chinese triangle, Europe has to contend with the impact this has on its own identity, security architecture and policies.

Is NATO still the fundamental political and military infrastructure for most of the continent, and if so – how does it relate to the war in Ukraine and ominous nature of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ideological outlook?

What is the future of Europe’s relations with the Anglo-American alliance? How can the EU adopt and maintain a common migration policy? And can Germany, France and the other countries respond to rising challenges emanating out of Turkey, Iran, India, Brazil and the major regional powers of the Pacific?

Join us to learn more about the current state of European domestic and foreign affairs.

– Jonathan Hessen: Host.
– Gen. Klaus Naumann, Former Chief of General Staff of the Bundeswehr as well as the Chairman of NATO Military Committee.
– Prof. Uri Rosenthal, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.
– Mr. Timo Soini, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of Finland.
– Prof. Miro Kovac, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia.