The Western Response to the Gaza War & Regional Hostilities – Israel At War – Jerusalem Studio 834

Broadcasts on: 13 Feb 9:30 PM

After the horrific massacre perpetrated by Hamas on October 7 last year, the general consensus in the outside world towards Israel – apart from Iran and its affiliates  – was a naturally sympathetic one.

But as the Israeli Defense Forces embarked on their air and ground counteroffensive, the human toll in Gaza took center stage, with heavy diplomatic pressure being put on the Netanyahu Government to be more attentive to civilian casualties and dislocated populations.

As the war appears to be entering its late and perhaps final stage, how have Western nations adjusted their approaches to the parties involved in this regional conflict, with policy positions and political pressures being taken into account? Joining us to discuss this are :


– Host : Jonathan Hessen

– Editor at Large : Amir Oren : Host of Watchmen Talk and Powers in Play

– Prof. Uri Rosenthal : former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

– Dan Diker : Senior Fellow of the Project on Political Warfare and Foreign Policy at the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs