CENTCOM succeeds in battle against ISIS

The Combined Joint Task Force-Operation codenamed Inherent Resolve and its partner forces continue to rack up victories in the fight against Islamic State-remnants (also known by its Arabic acronym, Daesh) across Iraq and Syria. across Iraq and Syria.

According to a press release obtained by TV7 from the United States Central Command Defense Force (CENTCOM GLOBAL), its partners “are leading the way to find and eliminate ISIS fighters, finance, logistics, and media networks,” while “The Coalition is here to advise, assist, and enable our partners to achieve the enduring defeat of Daesh.”

“Our partners in Iraq and Syria conduct operations to find and crush Daesh remnants,” said Col. Myles B. Caggins III, Coalition military spokesman. “ISIS is unable to gain physical territory due to the persistent pressure applied by the Iraqi Security Force, Peshmerga, and Syrian Democratic Forces.  We’ve got our partners’ backs.”

CENTCOM GLOBAL stressed that the removal of ISIS combatants, weapons and explosive material for incendiary devices remains a “top priority,” as the jihadists continue “to plot attacks against innocent civilians and our partners throughout Iraq and northeast Syria.”

Significant highlights in the battle against ISIS in Iraq during the week of November 19-27, 2019 listed by CENTCOM include the following, including links to photographs of the missions.

  • Nov. 19: Falcons Intelligence units conducted an operation in the Badoush Mountains in the Ninawa provinces which resulted in the death of six ISIS militants who were planning to launch attacks in Mosul. The operation was supported by Coalition forces and several weapons, explosives, mobile phones, military uniforms and other materials were seized. All the explosive devices were detonated safely.

  • Nov. 20: Detachments of the Military Intelligence Division of the 1st Commandos Regiment within the Commando Brigade of Salah ad-Din Operations Command, began a search and clear operation in the area of Mtaibijah to pursue ISIS remnants and to return security and stability in the area. An Iraqi Army airstrike then eliminated one ISIS terrorist and destroyed twenty safe houses, a tunnel, a workshop and a fuel tank.

(Statement by the Military Intelligence-Iraqi Ministry of Defense)

For photos:

  • Nov. 20: The Samarra Operations Command conducted a search and raid mission on Mkiashifeh Island and seized several explosive devices of various sizes from ISIS remnants. All the explosive materials were safely disposed of.

  • Nov. 20: A force from the 3rd Regiment, 30th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 8th Division Command, conducted a search mission in the al-Khor area in al-Qaim district. During the operation, an old ISIS safe house was found containing a number of unexploded ordnances.

  • Nov. 20: The Ninawa Operations Command carried out a search and clear mission in south Ba’aj, the Hatra desert and the area between the al-Line and the Mosul-Baghdad highway. Seven safe-houses were destroyed along with several explosive devices and a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device.

  • Nov. 20: A force from the Military Intelligence detachments of the 5th Division, in cooperation with an Intelligence unit from the 59th Infantry Brigade, raided an ISIS terrorist hideout near the village of Naqeeb, south of Buhriz in Diyala. The force seized explosive devices, ammunition, hand grenades, and other explosive materials. All the seized materials were safely disposed of.

(Statement by the Military Intelligence-Iraqi Ministry of Defense)

  • Nov. 21: A force from the Anbar Operations Command conducted a search and raid mission for ISIS remnants in the area of the Tigris bank, Tawi al-Oula and Abu Khamis. The force seized explosive devices and arrested an ISIS terrorist who is wanted in accordance with Article 4 Terrorism. The explosives were disposed of safely on site.

  • Nov. 22: Ninawa Operations Command intelligence reports that a Coalition airstrike in the Badush Mountains resulted in the death of several ISIS terrorists and the destruction of a tunnel. A joint force from the Falcons Cell and the 66th Infantry Division of the 20th Division, searched the tunnel after the strike and seized several explosive devices.

  • Nov. 23: A force from the Counter-Terrorism Regiment in Salah ad-Din, in coordination with Coalition aircraft, conducted an operation in Khanoukah Mountains in Shirqat district. Three tunnels and a hideout were destroyed by a Coalition airstrike and ISIS publications and documents were seized.

  • Nov. 23: Iraqi Air Force F-16 fighter jets launched an airstrike within the Salah ad-Din Operations area, resulting in the destruction of an ISIS hideout and the death of several ISIS terrorists.

  • Nov. 24: Military units of the Salah ad-Din Operations Command executed a search and clear operation west of Tulul al-Ba’aj toreturn security and stability to the area and to pursue ISIS remnants. The operation resulted in the destruction of three tunnels, two safe-houses, explosive devices and other materials.

  • Nov. 24: The 20th Infantry Division conducted a search operation in the al-Atshana mountain range in the west of Ninawa province. An ISIS tunnel – containing explosive devices, grenades and other weapons – was destroyed.

  • Nov. 25: The Falcons Intelligence Cell and Coalition forces carried out a joint operation in Kirkuk province. Three safe houses were destroyed and five terrorists were eliminated, including an ISIS commander in the Hawija district named ‘Abu Baraa’. One ISIS terrorist was arrested and several explosive devices, hand grenades and weapons were seized.

During the week of November 19-27, 22019, there have been the following actions in Syria:

  • Nov. 23: Anti-terror units with the Manbij military council tracked and captured an ISIS cell who helped smuggle ISIS members and families out of al-Hol IDP camp.