image Photo: Reuters

COVID-19: Egypt suspends all air traffic

Egypt has announced that all air traffic will be halted starting tomorrow in efforts to prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

The Arab Republic’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly explained that the closure will remain in effect at least until the end of the month, during which time all tourist sites and hotels will be sanitized. He stated that nevertheless no visitors will be forces out of the country, and “allowed to leave in accordance with their planned schedules.”

A traveler currently in Egypt from Spain identified as Oihana told Reuters that he had no concerns at the moment, while American tourist Blanca Castillo said she overcame initial concerns, and that she chose to come, “because I want not to be afraid.” She qualified her remarks by saying that she has been observing guidelines issued by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, such as frequent hand-washing, avoidance of touching her face, and the sanitizing of seats and countertops.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced a $6.38 billion “comprehensive plan” for tacking the coronavirus nationwide. There have only been a number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Egpyt, where the death toll has recently risen to three.