image Photo: Reuters

COVID-19: Jordan enforces army-imposed curfew

Jordan has indefinitely extended its curfew amid ongoing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus.

King Abdullah II invoked an emergency decree giving the government sweeping powers to enforce an army-imposed curfew and other measures that restrict civil and political liberties. Other radical measures against the disease include last week’s suspension of all incoming and outgoing flights.

According to Jordanian Government Spokesman Amjad Adailah, all “movement of people” has is barred “in all areas across the Kingdom” since 07:00 AM 21 March, a ban which remains in effect “until further notice.” All stores and shops in the entire country have also been ordered to shut down.

Government forces are now providing essential commodities to citizens daily. Bakery Employee Hamza Jarah told Reuters that he and his coworkers begin making bread around 4:00 AM for municipal personnel, escorted by police, to pick up and deliver.

And while most of the population welcomes their government’s care, many did not shy away from expressing concern over the lack of protective masks. Amman Resident Atef Abu Hamad said, “To be honest, this is a great idea, but at the same time look – the people are all in the street, and none of them are following instructions or wearing masks.”

An Israeli official told TV7 that Jerusalem is holding close consultations on the situation with Amman, which is regarded as “vital to the security and stability of Israel’s eastern border.”