Photo: Reuters

Economic distress grows amid Lebanese nationwide lockdown

Beirut Authorities announced yet another extension of the nationwide lockdown (decree no. 6296/2020), despite relatively low recorded figures pertaining to the spread of the coronavirus and mortality rate, which is currently totaled at 845 sick and 26 deaths.

In light of the Lebanese public’s growing frustration over the corona-related constrains and their economic price, Minister Abdel Samad stressed the need for “the security forces to tighten their grip to implement the decisions and the procedures because and in case of a second wave of this epidemic, it will be a higher wave than the first.”

Nevertheless, Beirut Authorities are trying to gradually ease restrictions, however the devastating economic implications of the corona crisis are seemingly increasing tensions in Israel’s already unstable neighbor. Lebanese Taxi Driver identifies as Mohammad said “Surely people are scared but people should go out as well but consciously, not randomly. People should go out consciously because this closure is too much, some people need to eat and it is necessary for them to go out and work. Another thing, we should also take precautions, all those who do not have work outside should stay at home, why does he need to go out, if someone goes out to work, his family should stay at home.”