Egypt halts shipments of diesel into Gaza due to Islamists cooperation in Sinai

Egypt has reportedly stopped allowing diesel shipments to enter the Palestinian enclave, forcing the Hamas-run power station to cease operations. As a result, residents of the Palestinian strip have been limited to three hours of electricity a day. Egypt’s decision came after its military stepped up its operation against Islamist militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula, with security sources informing TV7 of a development, in which Cairo signaled to the Islamist Hamas, that unless it thwarts Gazan Islamists from aiding their Sinai compatriots in battling Egyptian security forces, Cairo will be forced to elevate pressure on the already partially-blockaded Gaza Strip. The decision by Egypt has brought about a trilateral meeting between Palestinian Authority, United Nations and Israeli officials, whom discussed ways to alleviate pressure on the Palestinian enclave. A security source familiar with the details of the meeting informed TV7 that both Israel and the West-Bank based Palestinian Authority were evaluating options of establishing a coordinated effort to assure that the humanitarian condition across the Gaza Strip does not deteriorate into a humanitarian catastrophe, while ensuring that Hamas does not take benefit from the situation.