EU to continue its support for UNRWA

While the United States seeks to apply pressure on the Palestinian leadership, in response to its ongoing reluctance to agree to US-backed efforts to realize a peace agreement with Israel, EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini stressed that the European union will continue to support UNRWA, regardless. (Sync A 2 1 01:12 – 01:36) Speaking to reporters after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Vienna, Mogherini further reiterated the need to advance a two-state solution, which is perceived by the European Union as the ongoing solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Furthermore, Mogherini voiced support for ongoing efforts by the United Nations and Egypt to broker a long-lasting ceasefire between the Gaza Strip and Israel. With regard to these efforts, sources in Gaza revealed to TV7 that Hamas was preparing to take action that would likely escalate the situation with Israel. According to the sources, Hamas had ordered its forces deployed along the border to leave their posts and stop inspecting vehicles transporting demonstrators towards the fence, preventative measures that have maintained in recent weeks the relative quiet along the security fence with the Jewish state. The sources warned that in light of an apparent hiatus in the progress of realizing a ceasefire with Israel, Hamas will seek to bring more demonstrators to the Israeli border, and will encourage more violent demonstrations in order to advance the Egyptian-brokered negotiations for a truce arrangement.