image Photo: Flash 90

Gantz cancels Netanyahu meeting, ‘preconditions not met’

Blue and White Chairman, former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, called off today’s scheduled meeting with Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A Blue and White Spokesperson explained the decision to TV7, saying that “at this stage, the preconditions upon which any further meetings between the negotiating teams may take place have not been met” – “an unfortunate development that forces to cancel today’s meeting.”

The party’s Spokesperson noted, however, that “When deemed appropriate and necessary, an additional meeting will be scheduled for this week or next.” She further stated that under these circumstances, there is naturally no reason to hold a meeting between the two party heads, Lt.-Gen. (Res) Gantz and Prime Minister Netanyahu at this time.

The Likud issued a statement in response to the cancellation, asserting that the party was ‘stunned by Blue and White’s decision to derail the negotiations.’ The Likud accused Blue and White second in command, Yair Lapid of responsibility for this development, due to alleged unwillingness to accept a rotational premiership between Netanyahu and Gantz.