incendiary kites gaza border

Gaza escalates violence against Israel

The Israeli coordinator of Government activities in the territories has yet against decided to limit the fishing zone off the Mediterranean coast of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, in response to continued attacks by means of incendiary kites and balloons from the Palestinian enclave toward the southern region of Israel.

Despite a reported Egyptian-mediated ceasefire arrangement between Israel and the terror organizations which controls the densely populated Strip, Palestinian Islamists have apparently stepped up efforts to launch multiple incendiary devices per day, causing a breakout of numerous fires in Israel.

According to Israel’s Fire Brigade, eight fires broke out yesterday in the western Negev as a result of the incendiary terror, the largest recorded number in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, the Islamist organizations in Gaza, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials, have threatened to resume engaging in violence along the Israel-Gaza border-fence, on the grounds that Jerusalem has not been upholding the Egyptian-mediated truce arrangement understandings.

According to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, the threatening message was conveyed from Gaza to Egyptian authorities in Cairo. Hamas officials refused to immediately confirm nor deny the report.