image photo: flash90

Hamas threatens to step-up terror against Israel

The Palestinian Hamas organization, which controls the Gaza Strip, is threatening to exacerbate the violence it directs at Israel, in light of Jerusalem’s continued refusal to succumb to the Islamist group’s ‘extortion-tactics’ by-means of indiscriminate terror attacks against the southern communities of the Jewish State. After an Egyptian intelligence delegation failed to persuade Hamas to alleviate tensions on Gaza’s border with Israel; Qatar stepped-in by sending  its envoy to Gaza, Ambassador Mohammed al-Emadi, to try and broker an arrangement between the Islamist group and Jerusalem. Following two days of intensive meetings, however, the Qatari envoy travelled to meet with Israeli officials in Tel Aviv; yet, according to TV7 sources, only several points of contention have been resolved. One senior Israeli official told TV7 that unless Hamas halts its terror activities toward Israel’s southern residents, the situation in Gaza will incessantly deteriorate.


Dozens of balloons strapped with explosive devices were sent sailing from the Gaza Stirp toward Israel’s southern region. Israel Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told TV7 that, yesterday alone, 42 improvised explosive devices detonated in civilian communities and open fields – sparking numerous blazes across the country’s southern territory. “Police bomb disposal experts, from the Israeli national police, are continuing to respond to explosive devices that are attached to balloons and landing in open areas as well as in cities. Heightened security is continuing. Yesterday we saw forty-two explosive devices as well as fires that broke out as a result. And our units are continuing to be in every city and in open areas and communities to protect people,” Mickey Rosenfeld, Israeli Police Spokesman.