Heavy rainfall causes deadly flash floods in Jordan

Heavy rain storms unleased flash floods across the desert-region, sweeping anything in its way into valleys that direct the raging streams into the Dead-Sea. Upon a Jordanian request, several Israeli helicopters have joined their Jordanian colleagues in rescue efforts, after the torrential rains swept away a bus carrying 44 children and teachers who were on a school trip picnicking in the area. After extensive rescue efforts, at least 19 people were killed, while another 33 were injured. According to Jordan’s Director-General of Civil Defense, four people remain missing. Mustafa al-Bazaiah, Jordanian Director-General of Civil Defense, said “Work is still ongoing since last night until now. One hour ago, a 12-year-old student was found, and she was referred to the hospital. The death toll is 19 cases, and the number of injuries is 33.” / “The operation is divided into 10 groups and the search continues. There are jets that are operating now searching on the beach and the high areas. We expect four people are missing so far, and the search missions continue.”

Meanwhile, on the Israeli side of the border, nine people were rescued after they were unable to continue with their ‘desert-jeep-tour’ because of flesh floods that engulfed their location. Thankfully, in contrast to last year, in which similar flash-floods swept away an Israeli school bus – claiming the lives of ten children; this year no casualties were report.