Hezbollah accuses Saudi Arabia of holding PM al-Hariri hostage

The parliamentary bloc of the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah, in response to Prime Minister Sa’ad Al-Hariri’s resignation, called on Saudi Arabia to stop interfering in Lebanese affairs, claiming that in contrast to the Kingdom’s allegations against Hezbollah and its patron Iran, Riyad was the one pursuing an aggressive policy of interference across the Middle East, which stems from a deep internal crisis plaguing the Kingdom. Hezbollah MP Hussein Fadlallah said, ‘The bloc supports the course that the president (of Lebanon) has adopted in dealing with the mysterious resignation (of Lebanese PM al-Hariri) and reaffirms the need to safeguard political and financial stability and security in the country,” he said in a press conference directed toward Saudi Arabia. Fadlallah further noted that the Iranian-backed bloc supports the approach of Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun, who has refused to decide on whether to accept the resignation of Prime minister al-Hariri until he returns to Lebanon. He said, “The Saudi regime is suffering today from an acute internal crisis. It is requested to spare Lebanon its crises and stop its interference in our internal affairs, and it is also requested to stop its aggression against the countries and peoples of the region and interfering in their affairs,” the Hezbollah MP demanded.

It is important to note that while President Aoun is of the Maronite Christian community of Lebanon, a former Lebanese Army General who was a strong opponent of Hezbollah’s supporters Syria and Iran, he has recently changed his position in which he has voiced support for the Shi’ite organization, a move that essentially led to his appointment as President, after 29 months of deadlock.