Hezbollah: war with Israel unlikely

The leader of the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah attempted to alleviate concerns among his regarding the possible escalation with Israel. In a filmed address to a Hezbollah gathering that was held in Resalat Hall in Beirut, Hassan Nasrallah rejected claims voiced by Lebanese media outlets, to which a confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah was imminent. The Iranian-backed Chief claimed that the Israeli military is not prepared for war, thus diminishing the prospects of a possible all-out conflagration.

According to the Hezbollah Leader: “There is very little likelihood that Israel would launch another war on Lebanon. The Israeli army is not prepared for any aggression against the country. I personally don’t think such a thing would happen.”

Nasrallah also took the opportunity to condemn the U.S. decision to end all temporary waivers vis-à-vis oil purchases from Iran – and warned of expected consequences to the American move that – according to the Hezbollah leader – ‘will lead to additional regional instability.’