IAF completes week-long exercise on Israel’s northern and southern frontiers

The Israeli Air Force completed a week-long military exercise simulating a two-front aerial campaign on Israel’s northern and southern frontiers, with Israeli fighter-jets destroying hundreds of simulated targets. The drill was intended to sharpen the Israeli Air Force preparedness for war scenarios on more than one front, amid heightened tensions between Israel and the Islamist organizations in Gaza, as well as Iran and its proxies in Syria and Lebanon. The IDF spokesperson’s unit said that hundreds of fighter jets and helicopters participated in the drill, simulating air-strikes on hundreds of targets simultaneously, while providing cover to the IDF’s ground forces. A senior air force commander who participated in the drill told TV7 that during the exercise, they “successfully dealt with all of the challenges presented, providing the commanding echelons with confidence, as the conclusion clearly indicates the highest level of preparedness for any mission that may be required, to assure the security of the state of Israel.”