ICEJ initiates a protest: calls for ‘flood’ of bibles to educate UNESCO

A diplomatic initiative by the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem may bring about a so-called flood of Bibles to the offices of the United Nation world heritage body, UNESCO, in the next few days. The initiative comes in response to UNESCO’s resolution that denied any Jewish or Christian connection to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, by referring to the site where both biblical temples once stood, only by its Muslim names. ICEJ’s spokesman David Parsons told TV7 that “the Christian Embassy Jerusalem has called on Christians around the world to send Bibles to the UNESCO offices in Paris to remind them of the irrefutable history of the site.” He noted that “hundreds of Bibles have already been posted to UNESCO with many of its references to “Jerusalem” and the “Temple” highlighted, and thousands more are expected to arrive in coming weeks.”

ICEJ’s Executive Director, Dr. Jürgen Bühler released a statement on the initiative, saying “Most of us view these diplomats as being principled and well-educated. But apparently, some of them forgot their history lessons and we are sending them Bibles to refresh their memory.” Jerusalem is mentioned by name more than 1,000 times in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, while the Temple Mount appears hundreds of times as well.