Iran: ‘All U.S. Bases’ in Mid-East within Missile Reach

The Islamic Republic’s Defense Minister, Brigadier General Amir Hatami, attended a ceremony that unveiled three new Iranian-made short-to-medium range missiles. Minister Hatami provided a short summary of the air-to-air missiles, including the Balaban, Yasin and a new ballistic missile of the Ghaem series, which he claimed are precision guided missiles with ‘pinpoint accuracy.’

Meanwhile, Iran’s Parliament speaker Ali Larijani warned once again that all U.S. bases in the region are within range of an Iranian strike if any war were to break out. Larijani, who was quoted by the Tehran Times daily, claimed that Washington’s reluctance stems from its concerns of an Iranian retaliation against “all American bases.” With regard to the unveiling of the three new domestic-made missiles, the Iranian Parliament speaker claimed that it clearly indicates Tehran’s resilience in the midst of crippling U.S. sanctions.