image Photo: Reuters

Iran: Israel & U.S. ‘illegally pressure’ IAEA

Iran’s Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency has claimed that Israel and the United States were involved in a plot against his country’s nuclear program. The allegation was made after former U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said that the Islamic Republic “may be concealing nuclear material and/or activities,” just several hours before the I-A-E-A‘s Acting Director General was set to travel to Tehran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu subsequently urged the international community to hold the Islamic Republic accountable for yet another secret nuclear weapons facility, which he alleged “Tehran had attempted to conceal” after it as exposed by Israeli intelligence agencies.

Iranian Ambassador Kazem Gharibabadi responded to the accusations by claiming the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog organization had been illegally pressured by Jerusalem and Washington, saying “We are witnessing a U.S.-Israeli plot with the support of their affiliated media.” Gharibabadi further insisted, “former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s remark wishing to set an agenda for the visit of the Acting Director General on the night that he was on his way to Tehran, along with the media campaign done by two news agencies, as well as the show played by the Israeli Prime Minister all in all indicate that a joint project is underway.”

The Iranian IAEA Ambassador refused to identify the news outlets the Islamic Republic asserted had been complicit in the incident / or better word). He then further emphasized that the mounting pressure by the IAEA against his country has harms to the agency’s integrity and credibility. The envoy went on to state that these latest developments will force the Islamic Republic to implement counter measures, stressing that “Absolutely, Iran will make its reactions on these pressures.”