Iran: relations with Russia unhindered by Jerusalem efforts

The Islamic Republic’s Foreign Ministry insisted that its ties with the Russian Federation are “strong” despite last week’s formulated agreements between Moscow and Jerusalem, following the meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Vladimir Putin.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi stated in a press conference that “Tehran’s ties with Moscow are strong” and pointed to regular consultations between the two countries. The statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman came in-light of a ‘joint Russian-Israeli task-force’ that aims to remove all foreign forces that operate in Syria, including Iranian forces and proxies. While Moscow and Damascus want to see the removal of Western forces from the war-torn country, including the U.S. military; both Washington and Jerusalem have vocally demanded the removal of Iranian forces. According to statements made by top U.S. officials, including Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton, the moment Iran is removed from Syria, the American military presence there – will withdraw.