Iran sought to evaluate Israel’s response in latest escalation

It has been revealed that the Iranian Quds Forces in Israel’s war-torn-neighbor Syria evacuated their positions several hours before the Israeli Air Force launched its wide-scale bombardment of Iranian targets. An Israeli Intelligence source told TV7 that a conclusion emerged following this revelation that the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guards feared an Israeli reprisal attack, in response to the launch of the medium-range surface-to-surface missile that was fired by the Quds Forces from Syria toward Israel’s northern Golan Heights. Furthermore, the source explained that Tehran sought to evaluate the Israeli response to its offensive measures, and to prepare its future endeavors accordingly – in line with its malign aspirations vis-à-vis the Jewish State. When asked about the fact that Russia did not immediately respond to the Israeli offensive in Syria, in contrast to previous incidents; the Intelligence source underscored that Jerusalem provided Moscow with advance notice of its aerial-operation against the Iranian targets, by means of the established coordinated-mechanism meant to provided deconfliction between the Russian military and the IDF, in Syrian airspace.