Iran stricken by nation-wide ‘deadly natural disaster’

Long-term suffering caused by years of drought – is now instead being caused by the contrasting-plague of torrential rain. 25 of the nation’s 31 districts have been completely flooded – claiming the lives of at least 26 people, and wounding hundreds more.

In an attempt to calm the Iranian people, President Hassan Rouhani claimed that the rainstorms were a blessing from God – although he did express empathy over the suffering. According to the Iranian President: “It is understandable that you are suffering from problems, but God’s rain is a blessing for everyone except for a small minority of people like yourselves who suffer hardship and difficulties it has brought. God has compensated. The government is in service to you, it knows its responsibilities and will stand by your side.”

It is important to note that Iranian Authorities have been struggling to cope with what they termed as an “unprecedented natural disaster,” as wide-scale flooding has overwhelmed the country’s emergency rescue services.