IS claims responsibility for deadly attack in Syria

Several hours before the deadly attack took place, U.S. vice President Mike Pence hailed President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, after he reiterated the administration’s position, in which “the Islamic State has been defeated.” In his words, “We promise, under this President’s leadership to take the fight to radical Islamic terrorist to our terms, on their soil. The President and I couldn’t be more proud. Thanks to the leadership of this commander in chief, and the courage and sacrifice of our armed forces, we are now actually able to begin to hand off the fight against ISIS in Syria to our coalition partners and we are bringing our troops home. The caliphate has crumbled, and ISIS has been defeated.” “Now, we’ll stay in the region, and we’ll stay in the fight, to ensure that ISIS does not rear its ugly head again. We will protect the gains that out soldiers and our coalition partners have secured. But this President has often spoken about his desire to bring an end to endless wars in America and the ability to bring our troops home, bring them home in an orderly and an effective way,” the American vice President elaborated. In response to a TV7 request for comment, a White House official said that there are no plans to reverse President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria.