IS leader releases first statement in the Mosul operation, expresses complete faith in victory

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released a recorded statement, in which he expressed confidence in victory, in his first message after US-backed Iraqi forces started an offensive to recapture the city of Mosul, the last major stronghold under the control of the extreme Muslim group in Iraq. In his statement, al-Baghdadi called on Islamic State fighters and supporters to invade Turkey, in response to Ankara’s declaration of war on the extreme Muslim group.

“Oh monotheists, Turkey has today entered into your business and the project of your jihad. So rely on God and invade it, stunning its security and ending its prosperity, then lure them into the zones of fierce fighting. Soldiers of the caliphate in the land of Levant, the infidel Turkish soldier has come to you, the blood of one of them is as cheap and disgusting as the blood of a dog,” as quoted from the recordings.

Baghadi also told his followers to launch “attack after attack” in Saudi Arabia, targeting security forces, government officials, members of the ruling Al Saud family and media outlets, for siding with the international community against Islam and the Sunni Muslims in Iraq and Syria.