Israel-Canada stand shoulder-to-shoulder for Peace and Security

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met this morning with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland. During their meeting, the Netanyahu and Freeland respectively expressed the great friendship between Israel and Canada, and discussed additional ways to deepen bilateral cooperation. Following their meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed to Canada’s continued support of Israel, including its security, which is translated – contrary to many countries around the world – in evident actions. “We appreciate your support in various international forums. In fact, you have said that you will not establish international relations with Iran, which ought to be self-evident for a country that openly calls for the destruction of the one and only Jewish State, but you have acted on it and we appreciate that,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.


The Canadian top diplomat reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to Israel’s security, stressing her country stands proud, shoulder to shoulder, with Israel – sharing values of two democracies. “we have an unwavering ironclad commitment to the security of Israel we support Israel’s right to live in peace and we are committed to a comprehensive just and lasting peace in the Middle East Canada is proud of our strong partnership with Israel a partnership that has advanced the shared values and interests of our two democracies for 70 years and that is a partnership I’d like to emphasize which has endured irrespective of which Canadian political party is in government,” Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said.


Minister Freeland further reiterated Canada’s understanding of regional challenges, and Israel’s need to confront terrorism, a threat – Freeland stressed – Canada is committed to work with Israel in the interest of peace and security. “We fully understand the challenges facing Israel today including the threat of terrorism and we are committed to working together in the interests of peace and security in the region,” Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said.