Israel continues to confront Iran in Syria

Prime Minister Netanyahu took the opportunity to respond to all international condemnations by reemphasizing Israel’s appreciation and support of U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. The Israeli Prime Minister said “We are operating on several fronts simultaneously. Not far from here are the Golan Heights, our sovereignty over which was recognized by President Trump three days ago. This is a tremendous diplomatic achievement for the State of Israel.”

With regard to Iran’s ongoing efforts to entrench itself militarily in Syria, the Prime Minister confirmed Israel’s continued resolve to prevent Tehran’s aspirations, yet stopped short from claiming responsibility for the alleged Israeli attack against Iranian targets northeast of the Syrian city of Aleppo. According to Netanyahu: “Beyond the Golan Heights is Syria, and also Iran. Iran is constantly trying to bring precision long-range missiles, which are very advanced and very lethal, into Syria. We are not prepared to accept this and our activity against Iran’s attempt to entrench militarily in Syria, to bring in advance weaponry, is continuing all the time.”

While initial details from the attack, which were reported by TV7, could initially not confirm the intended target of the alleged Israeli bombardment; new confirmed reports have revealed that “the targets were an Iranian weapon-manufacturing-factory and warehouses in which precision-guided missiles are stored.”

Furthermore, a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that ‘at least seven people were killed and five wounded, all of whom were members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and Iranian-backed militias.’ Meanwhile, shortly After the attack, Israel announced the closure of its air space over the Golan Heights to all flights over 5,000 feet.