Israel-Gaza border violence decreases

Security officials told TV7 that there has been apparent drop in violence along the Gaza-Israel security-barrier, over the course of the last two weeks.

While domestic Israeli reports attributed the clam to Egyptian-led efforts that reportedly brought about a six-month cease-fire arrangement – both Israeli and Hamas officials have rejected this claim.

A senior security official told TV7 that the fasting-period during the Muslim month of Ramadan is the main cause that effectively impacted the activities of Islamists, which subsequently lowered the numbers of violent incidents along the southern Israeli frontier.

That said, several incidents in which incendiary balloons were flown from the Hamas-controlled territory into Israel have set several agricultural fields ablaze.

Nevertheless, Jerusalem decided to reward the residents of Gaza for the apparent reduction in violence. As such, Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activity in the Territories Major General Kamil Abu Rokon announced this morning that the fishing zone in the Palestinian enclave will be immediately expanded to 15 nautical miles.