image Photo: Flash90

Israel heading to another lockdown?

An alarming rise in newly confirmed coronavirus cases throughout the State of Israel may force authorities to reimpose a nationwide closure.

“We must flatten the curve now,” insisted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in remarks at the start of his weekly cabinet meeting. The Israeli leader also said he had received “harsh forecasts” from all of the Director Generals of the relevant ministries, the Federation of Local Authorities, head of the National Security Council and other various experts in consultations on the sharp increase in morbidity rates.

Netanyahu issued a stern warning that “If we do not immediately change our behavior regarding masks and maintaining distance, we will bring upon ourselves – against our will – the return of the shutdowns.”

He then underscored that “none of us wants this – therefore, I call upon you, citizens of Israel, to wear masks and maintain distance.”

Netanyahu then reiterated that until the development of a vaccine, the public must conduct itself in “a reasonable manner” to curb further spread of the disease.