Israel police recommends to indict PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Following a long investigation into two separate cases of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, the Israel police made its recommendation to the state’s attorney-general last night to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In its official statement, the police alleged that it had “sufficient evidence against the Prime Minister on suspicions for the offense of accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust,” regarding his connections to two businessmen and a newspaper publisher in two out of three cases, dubbed “case 1000” and “case 2000.” The first case involves two international businessmen whom allegedly provided the Israeli leader with gifts in exchange for favors, while the second case relates to conversations Netanyahu allegedly held with an Israeli newspaper publisher about limiting competition in the news sector in exchange for more positive coverage. In response to the police recommendation, Prime Minister Netanyahu staunchly denied any wrong doing, claiming that the reoccurring attempts to indict him were an attempt by political rivals to topple his right-wing government. He said, “(During my time as prime minister) great pressures have been placed to open no fewer than 15 checks and investigations against me with the aim of toppling me from power. All began with explosive headlines, live broadcasts. Some with thunderous police recommendations, just like this evening. All these attempts, without exception, will end without anything. Because I know the truth, I tell you, this time too, things will end without anything,” Prime Minister Netanyahu said, while further asserting that his continued aspiration to lead the state of Israel was not subject to personal gain, but rather to elevated Israel’s domestic and international standing, in assuring a bright future for the Jewish state.


It is important to note that the Police can only make a recommendation, while the final decision to indict rests solely with the government’s attorney-general.