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Israel struggles to control coronavirus spread

Israel continues to battle the spread of the coronavirus, in a seemingly unending struggle to control the disease.

The Health of Ministry has confirmed a rise in the number of afflicted individuals to 3,035, including 49 in critical condition. Two more victims succumbed to COVID-19, raising Israel’s mortality level to ten.

As the dire situation impacts both the physical and economic health of the nation, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin made a televised address in which he once again urged the country’s leaders to set aside political differences to establish a national emergency government.

“It is a time of trouble for Israel. I appeal from here (the President’s residence in Jerusalem) to the leaders of the major parties with whom I had already met. Find the path to form a united leadership. A responsible leadership. A leadership for the Israeli public that is faced with tough times of crisis. Put in front of your eyes the terrible epidemic that strikes us, which claims from us precious victims, and critically harms the Israeli economy. And so many households that are struggling for economic survival,” said Rivlin. He added “each one of the sides must understand the red-lines of the other, and to become flexible, with the understanding that we do not have, we just don’t have, an alternative path (forward).”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his primary rival Benny Gantz may have heeded President Rivlin’s words when the two later agreed to form an emergency unity government. For more on the major shift on Jerusalem’s political front, please go to:

Turning to the Indian capital of New Delhi, where the Israeli Foreign Ministry, in coordination with local authorities, is making every effort to flight all of the stranded Israelis home, ahead of an anticipated global lockdown.

India, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations for young Israelis, is also embroiled in efforts to combat the quickly spreading coronavirus pandemic. And while the Indian government, under the leadership of its Premier Narendra Modi, is taking every precautionary measure to stem the contagion’s spread; the country is assisting the many stranded Israelis find their way home. According to Israeli Ambassador to India Ron Malka, “We are now evacuating, in this coming flight, 317 Israelis. We have another flight that is coming tonight, to evacuate 200 more Israelis. It is a big operation, and I want really to take this opportunity and to thank the Indian government, authorities, air India, and all the Indians wherever they are, that help us so much and show their love and affection to Israelis.”