Israel targets an Iranian weapons cache in Damascus’ International Airport

Two missiles were fired overnight toward a warehouse in the vicinity of Syria’s international airport in Damascus, in an attack official Syrian news outlets attributed to Israel. According to local sources, Syria’s aerial defense systems failed to intercept the sophisticated missiles, which reportedly destroyed their target.

Intelligence sources told TV7 that the warehouse contained advanced weapons that were transported to Syria from Iran by means of civilian aircrafts, destined to be used by Iranian-sponsored militias, including Hezbollah.

A senior Syrian defense official rejected the reported contents of the warehouse, pointing to only minor damage to the targeted structure – which would not have been the case if the warehouse contained missiles. The official further noted that it was clear in Damascus that Israel was behind the attack, pointing to similarities vis a vis previous air-strikes by the Israeli air-force; while underscoring that no casualties were reported as a result of the airstrike.

The Israeli military (IDF) did not confirm nor deny its involvement in the airstrike, stressing to TV7 that it does not discuss foreign reports or alleged operations of any kind.