Israel uncovers extensive Hamas network in the West Bank

It has been cleared for publication that the Israel Security Agency, ISA – with the assistance of the IDF and the Israel Police – has, in recent weeks, uncovered an extensive Hamas network in the West Bank city of Hebron, which included several women who operated in secret at the behest of Hamas command centers in both Turkey and the Gaza Strip. According to the ISA the network was used – inter alia – to transfer messages and instructions, transfer funds to finance terrorist operations and coordinate operations with the aforesaid command centers. The ISA investigation has revealed that the network promoted Hamas activity in Hebron including the recruitment of operatives, coordinating activity at mosques, preaching and increasing support, disseminating online information and incitement, and assisting the families of prisoners. The network also tried to take control of municipal activities in Hebron and manage the activities of charitable institutions in the city. An ISA statement said that “Exposure of the network proves once again that Hamas command centers abroad and in the Gaza Strip, are utilizing all means at their disposal, including the use of women, to direct Hamas operations in Judea and Samaria.”