image Photo: Flash90

Israeli counter-terror tactics against COVID-19 disputed

The Israeli Health Ministry released its latest accumulated data vis-à-vis the unyielding spread of the corona contagion, confirming a surge of 639 new cases, raising the number of sick individuals throughout the Jewish state to 14,592; 136 of whom are in critical condition. As of 9 am this morning, another 4 individuals succumbed to the virus, raising the total number of Israeli corona-related victims to 191.

Meanwhile; the Israeli parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee has decided not to renew the government’s permit to track civilians diagnosed with the coronavirus via mobile phone data. The Israeli government initially applied the sophisticated spy-ware tactics as a means to verify method that diagnosed patients were remaining in quarantine.

As part of the use of the privacy-invasive measure, which is normally only used for counter-terrorism purpose’s, the government adopted regulations to ascertain legal backing its implementation on civilians.

Since the Israeli parliament is once again able to function, and thus oversee the government’s activities; its Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee decided to advance several court appeals against such use before renewing the legally-required regulations.