Israeli Officials: Growing Iranian Efforts to Destabilize Gaza

Israeli security officials have warned of growing efforts by the Islamic Republic of Iran to thwart Egyptian efforts to negotiate a ceasefire between Israel and the Islamist organizations in the Gaza Strip. According to one official, speaking to TV7 on condition of anonymity, “Iran is using its financial-leverage over its Palestinian-proxy in Gaza, the Islamic Jihad, to destabilize current efforts to alleviate tensions.” Another intelligence official told TV7 that “the Islamic Jihad office in Beirut provided clear instructions to its military wing in Gaza, to prepare for a series of terror attacks that could inflame the (southern) region.” Confirming these statements, the IDF revealed that it has identified unusual activity by Islamic Jihad operatives along Israel’s security barrier with Gaza. When asked about developments along the border, one security analyst said “these activities are interpreted as an attempt to conduct a significant cross-border attack on Israel, among other possible scenarios.”

The Islamic Jihad responded to the report with a vehemently denial of all accusations; instead claiming that “from time to time, Israel tries to create confusion in the Palestinian arena” to sow a rift between the Islamic Jihad and its main ally, the Islamist-Hamas organization. The statement further stressed that “these (latest Israeli) attempts will fail.”