image Photo: Flash 90

Knesset speaker warns of ‘third and fourth and fifth election’

The decision to indict Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dramatically stirred up Jerusalem’s political theater amid already ongoing political chaos.

After neither Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu nor his main rival Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz were able to form a government – President Reuven Rivlin announced the enactment of a 21-day period by law during which Knesset legislators receive the mandate to nominate anyone in the 120-seat parliament to form a government. According to the Israeli President “These are harsh dark days in the annals of the State of Israel… In the coming 21 days, there will be no ‘bloc’ or ‘party’. Each and every one of you (lawmakers) will seat with yourself and your conscience and will have to answer one question, one question only: What is my duty toward the State of Israel and its citizens? Mr. Chairman, may you have success.”

Speaking alongside the President, Israeli parliament speaker Yuli Edelstein voiced a grim picture of Jerusalem’s current political scene, in which ‘even if a third, fourth or even fifth election would be held today,’ the outcome will remain unchanged. The Knesset speaker said “To my sorrow, elections were not cancelled and really, nothing has changed. What was in April election was also in September election. And if, God forbid, we will not meet the challenge ahead of us, the same will be in a third and fourth and fifth election.”

It is important to note that according to several lawmakers who spoke with TV7, the likelihood of a new candidate emerging with a viable capacity to form a new government is naught.