Israel’s Defense Minister Accuses Hezbollah of attacking Israel from Syria without Assad’s knowledge

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman asserted that the rocket-fire from Syria early Sunday morning, which was directed at Israel, were not the result of errant fire, but rather a direct order from Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Lieberman claimed, “the fire was carried out by a local cell operated by Hezbollah,” which acted without the knowledge of the Syrian regime. Therefore, the Israeli top defense official called on both Russian and Syrian forces that are stationed in the area adjacent to Israel’s border to restrain the Iranian-backed militia. Lieberman further stressed that the latest aggression by Hezbollah is yet “another example of why (the Iranian backed forces) should be kicked out of Syria as fast as possible,” to avoid an unnecessary conflagration between Damascus and Jerusalem.

An Israeli Defense official responded to the comments by the Israeli Defense Minister, noting that “Lieberman’s comments on Nasrallah and the rocket fire on the Golan did not come from the army, but are instead based on his understanding, judgment and prospective,” while the IDF clarified that it still does not know whether Assad’s forces or Rebels were behind the rocket fire directed at Israel.