Israel’s High Court allows a final extension to the Amona evacuation

Israel’s High Court of Justice accepted the government’s request to postpone the removal of the illegal West Bank outpost of Amona by 45 days and ruled that the structures must be vacated by February 8th, 2017. The panel of judges ruled that they had acceded to the government’s motion beyond the letter-of-the-law, while emphasizing that this was its final extension. The postponement was made possible after the residents of Amona complied with a demand by the High Court of Justice, in which they publicly committed to vacate the outpost peacefully, without clashes or resistance, and with no stipulations. The Amona action committee emphasized following the court’s decision that the fate of the residents of the illegal outpost was now in the hands of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, who committed to build homes on the West Bank hilltop within 45 days and to preserve the settlement on lands not legally recognized as privately owned by Palestinians.