Israel’s IDF rescue delegation returns from disaster-stricken Mexico City

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed, together with the Mexican Ambassador to Israel, the Israeli military delegation that returned from Mexico, where they assisted local rescue teams following the devastating earthquake that hit Mexico City. The Mexican Ambassador, in an address to the delegation, thanked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for Israel’s immediate response to help the Mexican people, who showed their devotion and the true friendship between Mexico and Israel.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the opportunity to stress that when the world faces cruelty of nature that leads to disasters, the time comes for humanity to join hands in helping one-another. The Prime Minister asserted, “We know that when nature becomes cruel comes a time for humanity. When facing natural disasters, the nations, or at least the enlightened nations, join hands and in this test the state of Israel and the IDF pass with great success,” he declared. Netanyahu hailed Israel’s quick response and dedication, pointing to the fact that the Israeli delegation was the first international rescue team to arrive in Mexico and the last to leave the disaster stricken area.