Jews in Israel make final preparations ahead of Passover

Jews in Israel made last-minute preparation for the Jewish holiday of Passover, due to begin tomorrow at sunset. In Jewish ultra-orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem residents burn all remnants of leavened food, before the start of the holiday.

During the holiday, Jewish observants refrain from eating or even storing – what they term as: ‘chametz’, all food products that contain leavened, wheat and oats – based on the biblical book of Exodus, chapter 12, verse 17. Jews celebrate Passover in memory of the exodus of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt in ancient times.

On the eve of the holiday, families convene to eat a ceremonial dinner, also known as the Seder, in which a special text is read, called ‘Haggadah’, describing the suffering of the Jewish people in Egypt and their journey in the desert toward the promised land of Israel.