Jordan condemns PM Netanyahu conduct during bilateral crisis


Jordanian State Minister for Media Affairs Mohammed Momani said that his country had diplomatic, political and legal options it could use if Israel failed to meet Jordan’s demands in all that pertains to the investigation of the Israeli security guard who shot two Jordanians to death at the Israeli Embassy in Amman. In an interview to the Arabic TV station Al-Arabiya, Momani criticized the conduct of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the crisis, saying that state leaders and prime ministers should not act in a provocative manner, that after Netanyahu uploaded a video in which he warmly welcomed to his office in Jerusalem the security guard who was, according to Israel, acting in self-defense when a Jordanian worker attacked him with a screwdriver. Nevertheless, Netanyahu’s warm reception for the security guard was perceived as a provocation by Jordan’s King Abdullah, who is exceedingly wary of the response by the Jordanian public to the deadly incident.