image Ultra Orthodox Jew stands in Mount of Olives over looking towards the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and its distinctive golden Dome of the Rock, ( or the Temple mount) on May 18, 2012. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Jordan condemns presence of Jews on Temple Mount

The Jordanian government condemned the presence of Jews on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, after 15 Jews were arrested by Israeli police for bowing on the sacred plaza, a location where non-Muslims are not allowed to worship. A statement from the Jordanian government slammed Israel for : quote “allowing Jewish extremists to storm the Haram al Sharif,” the Arabic term for the Temple Mount, a move the Jordanian government said :: quote “violated the sanctity of the holy compound and offended the feelings of Muslims around the world.” The Jordanian government further noted that it “held Israel, as the occupying power, fully responsible for such a violation that encouraged settlers to ‘dishonor the mosque’, referring to the al-Aqsa mosque that is located on the Temple Mount and is considered to be the third holiest place in Islam. Israel’s Foreign Ministry was not immediately available to respond to the Jordanian condemnation.