image Photo: Reuters

Jordan recalls its ambassador to Israel

Just several days after the Jewish State and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan marked 25 years to their historic peace treaty which was signed on the 26th of October 1994; Amman has recalled its ambassador to Israel for consultations in protest of the arrest of two Jordanian citizens. The two Jordanian nationals in question, Hiba al-Abadi and Abdel Rahman, have been in Israeli custody under administrative detention for more than two months for alleged security offenses. Condemning Jerusalem and demanding their immediate release, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that the two Jordanian citizens were being held illegally and inhumanely. The Kingdom’s top diplomat stressed that the decision to recall the ambassador was merely a first step.

Separately, Jordan arrested an Israeli citizen who was said to have crossed into Israel’s eastern neighbor illegally. According to several reports, Jordanian authorities arrested the Israeli civilian who was swimming in the Jordan River and allegedly crossed the Jordanian border after the current carried him to the river’s eastern bank. He was taken by Jordanian security forces for questioning.

While the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem did not immediately issue a response with regard to the first matter, it informed TV7 that they are “examining the report and are in contact with the Jordanian authorities” concerning the latter incident.