Netanyahu: the bible is the base in which Israel was founded

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, during a cabinet meeting ahead of the new school year that will start tomorrow, that “excellence and Zionism,” with an emphasis on Bible studies, is the root of Israel’s education. Netanyahu stressed that the bible was the base on which the Jewish state was founded that gave provided legitimacy for the Jewish people to live in this country.

“On Thursday a new year will begin in schools and Kindergartens as well. I am sure there is a tremendous excitement in Israeli households, especially those who are going for the first time, and we share that filling. Each of us remembers it personally, as a child and a parent. It is really an exciting moment.” / “Zionism, heritage, first of all bible studies. We must make an upmost effort, it is the base on which we are here, because of it we were here, we came back here and we will stay here. And of course all the other ingredients from the history and heritage of Israel, and the heritage of the people of Israel. The history of Zionism of the new people of Israel, purifying the big lie regarding our right to live in this country, and our right to be here, the people of Israel in the nation of Israel,” said Netanyahu.

The Israeli leader also emphasized the importance of teaching about the Jewish contributions to civilization which was a significant motivator for pupils to succeed.