image Photo: Flash90

No new COVID-19 cases reported by Palestinians

The Palestinian Authority Health Ministry has reported that there have been no new confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

There has been a total infection rate of 263, among 16,068 Palestinians who were tested. Just one death, of an elderly woman, has been recorded, and 44 individuals have fully recovered from the disease.

The PA government in Ramallah has had implemented a comprehensive lockdown on all territories under its control, in full coordination with Israeli authorities. Despite such steps, there are reports that many Palestinians are still illegally departing from the West Bank into Israel in search of employment. Palestinian medic Hazim Yassin, who has volunteered to conduct coronavirus tests, told Reuters that the infiltrators “are escaping” from both security forces and the emergency committee assigned to perform health checks to cross into Israel through a variety of clandestine routes.

Meanwhile, no virus-related restrictions have been imposed by the Jihadist-controlled Gaza Strip on its population, which maintains daily routines unhindered.

“The authorities make us feel calm because there are no coronavirus cases among people in Gaza,” said merchant Jamal Abu Sharkh, going on to profess that “the infected ones are in quarantine after returning from abroad.”

Gaza resident Wahieb al-Dahouk commented, “You will not see (an empty market) until there is a curfew – this is the best way for the Arab world.”

According to Hamas Interior Ministry Spokesman Eyad Al-Bozom, the Islamist organization has prepared contingency plans for restrictions on movement in Gaza should the need arise, but that a general curfew on the enclave is not yet required “in accordance with our daily evaluation.”

Since a proclamation by Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar several days ago to fulfill the Biblical prophecy described in the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 17; the coronavirus outbreak in Gaza has reportedly remained unchanged, with only 13 cases and no fatalities.

The lack of change in Gaza is likely due to a corresponding lack of testing kits and analyses of previously-collected samples.

According to Hamas Health Ministry Spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra, supplies of coronavirus testing kits have completely run out and dozens of samples are still waiting to be tested. “The lack of coronavirus testing kits represents a new challenge for the Ministry of Health in confronting the pandemic,” said Qidra, adding that this also “would influence the release of hundreds of people in quarantine facilities.”