PM Netanyahu: Israel is a beacon of light in the midst of regional moral darkness

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an address at a Memorial Ceremony in Tel Aviv, declared that Israel is a country that seeks peace, as well as an active pursuant of combating global terrorism, which the Israeli leader termed the ‘forces of moral darkness’.

“Israel is a peace seeking country, it aids many countries in a long array of areas. We stand in the front line of the fight against terror, here and elsewhere, the terror that strikes in our country and around the world on a daily basis. The murderous fanaticism represents moral darkness, whereas our country spreads the light of progress.”

Netanyahu also took the opportunity to condemn democratic countries who fund organizations that praise acts of terror, while applauded a decision by Norway and Denmark to withdraw their funding from a Palestinian organization that named its center after a terrorist who murdered dozens of innocent Israeli civilians.

“The hypocrisy which characterizes democratic countries who fund organizations which glorify murderers, that this hypocrisy will stop and this funding will stop. I’m happy to say that two countries: Norway and Denmark, have taken measures to do this following a request from me.”

The Israeli leader also referred to his meeting with US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, during which he praised the American diplomat for standing for the truth at the world body. Netanyahu said that ‘truth conceals within it great power’, including the ability to tear down the towers of lies.

“When I met in my office the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, I told her the truth conceals within it great power, and to her determined stance in the favor of Israel in the UN, I added the truth is evident, which is something that is difficult to translate to English, though she understood, because the truth is evident. The truth bears the power to tear down the towers of lies, to prove to the entire world we do not back down from the false arguments against us. Our right to our country and Jerusalem our capital is firmer than the meaningless follies which seek to present us as, absurdly, as strangers in our homeland. The days in which Israel was considered a punching bag have passed, to those who condemn us we will present a proper response.”