image Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu takes part in a ceremony in memory of those who have fallen while on duty in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem April 26, 2017. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun - RTS13Y97

Prime Minister Netanyahu: countries realize they are not immune to Islamic terrorism

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also serves as Israel’s Foreign Minister, said during a ceremony commemorating fallen personnel of the country’s Foreign Services, that the state of Israel was and will continue to be at the forefront of the international struggle against terrorism, a mandate Israel has adopted to assure the security of its people and the future of the Jewish state, as Israel and its diplomats are a sought-after target by Islamic terrorists.
“The people of terror hold a zealous world view which threatens Israel’s basic right to exist. In their eyes, every Israeli official is an address, a coveted address. / The state of Israel was and will continue to be an arrow head in its struggle against terror. The catalyzers of terror will not hinder us, its perpetrators will not evade,” said Netanyahu.
Netanyahu further noted that many countries around that world have realized that they are not immune to the growing threat of Islamic terrorism, whether it is under the banner of Shi’ite Islam led my Iran, or Sunni Islam led by the Islamic State.
“Many countries have realized that this epidemic will not pass over them and that we must stand shoulder to shoulder against the powers of terror that today lead in the world their struggle against free societies, against free culture, under the flag of radical Islam including both streams: One led by Iran (Shi’ite) and the other by Da’esh (Sunni – Islamic State),” continued Netanyahu. 
Even though Israel and the international community are working tirelessly to thwart terrorists from achieving their heinous goals, an effort that in most cases prevails, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that threats continue to mount, as the twisted ideology of Islamic extremism continues to persuade people to pursue evil endeavors,“ Concluded Netanyahu.