Qatar to deliver third financial installment to Gaza

A third installment of Qatari funds are expected to be delivered to the Hamas-run Gaza strip. In a statement made by the Qatari envoy to Gaza, Muhammad al-Amadi, the third such transfer of Qatari-donated funds will be later this week with Israel’s consent. In contrast to the two previous installments, which were delivered in suitcases filled with cash, the upcoming 15 million dollars donation will be delivered by means of a different mechanism. It is important to note that the delivery of the third installment of Qatari funds has been delayed thus far due to the violence along Gazan-Israeli border. While Israeli officials refused to respond to TV7’s request for comment on the matter, the transfer of funds to the Gaza Strip, which is run by the internationally recognized terror group Hamas, will be done at a time of continued violence. On Friday, some 14,000 Palestinians protested in several locations along the Israel-Gaza Strip border fence, during which many of them hurled rocks, burning tiers and threw grenades and explosive devices toward the IDF force that was stationed along the security barrier. In response to the Palestinian violence, the IDF responded with crowd dispersal means and sniper fire. No injuries or damage were reported among the Israeli forces.