Report: Israel and Hamas reach a truce arrangement

Israel and Hamas have reportedly reached a truce arrangement for the continued terror attacks from the Gaza Strip toward the southern communities of Israel – by means of incendiary kites and balloons – will cease immediately. In return, Jerusalem will once again expand the fishing zone off the enclave’s Mediterranean coast to 15 nautical miles and return 60 boats that the Israeli Navy has confiscated from fishermen due to smuggling related offenses over the course of the years and would also resume the supply of diesel to the Gaza Strip. The reports, which were published on both Israeli and Palestinian media outlets, came just one week after Hamas Political Chief Ismail Haniyeh accused Israel of stalling the implementation of understandings that were reached by means of U.N, Egyptian and Qatari mediation – threatening the relative quiet on the Gaza-Israel frontier.

The Hamas leader said: “The understanding we reached through the mediation of the United Nations, Egypt and Qatar, is being handled by the Israeli occupation slowly and with disrespect to what we have reached of an understanding by the mediators in this matter. Therefore, the understanding is in danger.”

Since last week, Palestinian Islamists stepped up the launch of incendiary balloons toward Israel’s southern territories, which devastated hundreds of dunams. According to an official statement by the Fire and Rescue Authorities, more than 20 blazes broke out because of incendiary balloons yesterday alone, recording the number of fires to over 100, since the beginning of this week.

It is important note that while Israeli officials have not yet confirmed the reports regarding a new ceasefire understanding, a Hamas official told TV7 that there was “nothing new” and that the development pertains to a “follow up of the (previous) Understandings.”