image Photo: Reuters

Rouhani & Putin discuss 2015 nuclear deal

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani today, along the sidelines of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council session held in the Armenian capital of Yerevan.

Ahead of the talks, Putin said the behind-closed-door discussion would focus on bilateral issues, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the regional situation including the Syrian Arab Republic. He also noted that he was pleased by “the mutual work to involve Iran‘s into the work of Eurasian Economic Union is ongoing,” adding he was certain “it will benefit our countries.”

President Rouhani is said to have persuaded Moscow to take a more active role in diffusing tensions across the Middle East, amid what appears to be ‘repeated efforts by the Ayatollah regime’ to deter military action against it by the United States. After stating that “Both our countries are located in the sensitive region,” the Iranian leader warned of continued instability, saying “unfortunately, over the past few weeks we see negative manifestations there.”