image Photo: Reuters

Saudi Arabia to recover from attacks on oil plants

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence echoed President Donald Trump’s pledge to retaliate for the unprovoked attack on the Saudi oil facilities last Saturday – while further underscoring the American resolve to defend its interests. He said: “And in the wake of this weekend’s unprovoked attacks on several oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, I promise you, we’re ready. As the president said, we don’t want war with anybody, but the United States is prepared. We are locked and loaded. And we’re ready to defend our interests, and our allies in the region — make no mistake about it.”

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom’s Energy Minister Abdul-Aziz Bin Salman announced that Riyadh will restore its lost oil production by the end of September, managing to recover and supply its customers the same levels of product provided prior to the weekend attacks on its facilities by drawing from its huge oil inventories. “I’m talking about the (inaudible), the capacity. As you know and you’ve been there in Abu Dhabi, I did say that our production is 9890 (9.89 million barrels per day), and in October it would be 9890,” said Bin Salman.