Hezbollah unlikely to initiate war over “North Shield”

As in the case of every conflict zone, the ones suffering are the civilians. In the Lebanese village of Kila, from where the Hezbollah tunnel network was dug, a resident of the village said that the current situation was not a new reality. Mohammed al-Hadi, a Kfar Kila resident, was quoted saying: “The current situation … Read more

Netanyahu warns of consequence to Hezbollah’s aggression

In a conference call, which was obtained by TV7, former commander of the IDF’s elite engineering unit, Colonel in Reserve Atai Shelach, explained that the Hamas tunnel-network on Israel’s southern frontier with the Gaza Strip is far inferior to the capacity of Hezbollah’s underground operation. Colonel (Res.) Atai Shelach said, “You can’t compare it, it’s … Read more

Israeli-Lebanese border seemingly calm despite IDF operation

The Israeli-Lebanese border appeared calm today, a day after Israel announced a wide-scale operation – dubbed: Northern-Shield – to “expose and thwart” cross-border attack tunnels from its northern neighbor, which were dug by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah. During a televised press conference to the nation from Jerusalem, the Israeli military’s spokesman Ronen Manelis provided visual intelligence … Read more

Syria: Israeli fighter-jet downed during strike

Israel launched a series of airstrikes in Syria last night, reportedly targeting the al-Kiswah region, which is located south of the capital, Damascus. Several reports, which were confirmed by Syrian sources to TV7, revealed that the Israeli Air Force targeted multiple structures belonging to an Iranian-backed militia. According to one of the sources, explosions were … Read more

U.S. military presence in the Middle East because of Israel

U.S. President Donald Trump revealed in an interview with The American Washington Post daily that ‘Israel is one of the reasons behind the U.S. military’s prolonged stay in the Middle East.’ The American President revealed that oil assets across the Middle East have become a secondary consideration in the U.S. Administration’s decision to stay in … Read more

Three IDF soldiers injured in Palestinian ramming-attack

Three IDF soldier were injured when a vehicle driven by a Palestinian man crashed into them. The IDF spokesperson’s unit released a statement, according to which the Palestinian intentionally rammed his vehicle into the troops, who were performing engineering work on a route between Beit Ummar and Al-Arroub, which is located adjacent to the Jewish … Read more

Israel’s core threats: Gaza, West Bank and Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a meeting of the IDF General Staff as Jerusalem’s top defense official for the first time, during which he emphasized his resolve “to guard the security of Israel in all arenas.” Netanyahu listed three major fronts, which are the core challenges Israel deals with, including: the Gaza Strip, the … Read more

IDF actions prevent Iranian aspirations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again praised U.S. President Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to contain the Islamic Republic’s aggressive behavior across the Middle East. In a meeting with U.S. Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant in Jerusalem, the Prime Minister underscored his position that ‘Iran poses the greatest danger to the peace of the … Read more

Coalition crisis ends amid Israel’s regional challenges

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the coalition crisis has ended, after reaching an agreement with his partners to preserve the government for its remaining duration, under Israeli law. In his words, “Over the past several days I spoke with the Chairmen of our coalition partners, I told them that at this time, we cannot … Read more